We’re Free, Praise God We’re Free!!

Our quarantine is over as we have all tested negative for which we are very grateful! Thank you for praying for us and we are thankful that only one in our family tested positive for COVID and came down with only minor symptoms. The Lord was very gracious to us.
So, we have been announcing the opportunity with Hope 1:27 and the CarePortal and showed a short video a few weeks ago on Sunday morning. Well, HERE is a link to a longer conversation Jennifer Clifford and I had about Hope 1:27 and the CarePortal that is a bit more in depth. Please watch it and may the Lord move in all of our hearts to care for the “widow and orphan” among us in whatever capacity we can engage.
The baptisms this past Sunday were great, but there are more to come! If you haven’t been baptized since coming to faith in the Lord Jesus, then please join us in a baptism class on June 6 and June 13 at 9 a.m. prior to the worship service. The baptisms themselves will take place on June 20. If this information has peaked your interest then please signup and plan to join us beginning on June 6 at 9 a.m. To let us know of your interest please fill out THIS form.
While there is more information as you scroll down in this email, let me point out one more thing and that is the marriage conference June 18-19. We need you to register for this event so click HERE and you will have the opportunity to signup.
Blessings brothers and sisters! Grace and peace to you all and I look forward to seeing you this weekend (Really I do!!)!
To complete the self-assessment and sign up for a discipleship group click HERE.)
Additional reading/watching:
A great piece which confronts all of us with the clichés that come far too easy to us in the moment!
“In our gathering together as the people of God, we come into his presence to be retold the story of reality; retold what God has done in the person and work of Jesus Christ; and retold what God is now doing in and through his Spirit to redeem and purify a people for himself.”
Does your understanding of the world, scientifically speaking, lead you to worship? Well, it should as Vern Poythress points out. A great read!
This is really cool and fun!! You can click anywhere on the map and it will show the path a raindrop would take to get to the ocean from that very spot.