Vertical Life Church is intentional about advancing the good news of Jesus to those around us. One way we do that is through strategic church planting. Jesus said in Matthew 16:18, “I will build my church.” Then, we see he commanded his disciples to “go and make disciples.” This was his plan for building his church through making disciples. We believe that if we are to be obedient followers of Jesus, we must be about planting Christ-centered, gospel-focused churches in new areas who make disciples.

God called Matt and Cherie Geesaman to full-time ministry before they were married in 2007, but it was early in 2022 that He called them to plant a church in Magnolia. Vertical Life Church is sending the Geesaman family, and several others with them, out to expand the reach and impact of the gospel in Magnolia, TX.

In April 2023, Vertical Life commissioned the core team of the new Hill City Church.  Matt will be leading this small group of people to make disciples of Jesus, as they trust God for the growth and multiplication of this church in Magnolia. It’s an exciting time for the Vertical Life Church family, and we look forward to what God will do through the obedience of the families embarking on this mission.

You can find out more by heading over to Hill City Church’s website here.