Ephesians: The Mystery Revealed

Ephesians is a letter of mysteries.  Paul uses the word mystery 6 times, more than any other book of the New Testament.  Here, mystery is not something that we can’t yet understand.  Rather the Greek word means that it is something that has not been revealed before now.  One of the mysteries that Paul speaks of is that of Christ as the head of His body, the Church.  It is through this lens that we can understand much of what Paul writes with regard to our battles, our blessings, and our submission.

John Philips writes, “Expositors have likened the Ephesian letter to the Grand Canyon and the European Alps.  Vista after vista appears.  In Ephesians, we get the eagle’s view of things.  We see the eagle rising and wheeling, then soaring off into the high vault of Heaven…”

Edler Ray Whaley leads this bible study for adults Sundays at 9:00 a.m.