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What to Expect Your First Time
The first time that you bring your child (from birth through second grade) to Vertical Life Church, please register at the Children’s Check-in Desk.

What We Teach
​We teach Vertical Life Church Transformational curriculum, which is a curriculum that uses the unique learning characteristics of each age level. We teach the Bible without apology in relevant and creative ways that engage the imagination of children, transform lives and lead children to Jesus.

Nursery (0-36 Months):
It’s never too early to teach kids about Jesus. In ministering to all the needs of babies and toddlers, a foundation of trust is established between the church and parents.

In our Pre-K class, children learn to recognize the Bible is God’s Word and that God loves and cares for us. Each lesson actively engages every child in the Bible story, and leads them to experience God’s love and know Jesus. Every family receives a take-home page each weekend.

Grades K-2
Every story in the Bible points to Jesus. We strive to teach our students they can discover Jesus throughout the entire Bible. As children study the Bible they develop a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Each week children begin to really know Jesus, love God and live their faith in practical, tangible ways. We believe the Word of God not only changes a child but it changes a family. We encourage your child to bring their Bible each Sunday.

Looking to Serve?
Approximately 11-15 volunteers work each weekend in Vertical Life Church Kids. If you are interested in serving please contact us and one of our leaders will connect with you.