Growing in Christ

Learning.  Together.

We have TWO opportunities to grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s word in a classroom setting that incorporates teaching, discussion, application, and of course fellowship. So, whether you are brand new to VLC or have been here awhile, these classes will help deepen your understanding of the faith. 

Current Classes

Fundamentals of the Faith
Starts september 1, 2021

If you are looking to deepen your relationship with Christ, and grow in knowledge and obedience to Christ, then this study may be for you. A mix of teacher-led learning, group time, and homework, this 13-week study uses John MacArthur’s Fundamentals of the Faith to help you grow in your knowledge of God in Christ, and to help you put that knowledge into daily practice.

This class is ideal both for newer believers who are desiring to build a foundation of knowledge and faithfulness, as well as older believers who may be stagnant in their growth and seeking to reinvigorate their walk with Christ.

Taught by Ray Whaley

The american gospel
starts september 19, 2021

What is the gospel according to the Bible and what is the gospel according to American Christianity? Are they the same? Different? How do we know if we don’t study both the Scriptures as well as our own culture? This class serves to use the documentary-style movies entitled The American Gospel: Christ Alone and The American Gospel: Christ Crucified to consider the gospel in America and where it has it right and where it goes wrong.

If you desire to grow in your understanding of the gospel and learn to discern that which is counterfeit, then this class is for you. This is for those seeking to understand more about Christianity, for new believers, as well as those who are mature to deepen their understanding of and faith in the gospel of Christ.

Taught by John Kiningham.